Corendon at NMW: “Name is more important than logo”

Nima Marketing Week lasts until 5:00 PM this afternoon, in DeFabrique in Utrecht. There are still cards. For more information, visit the website.

As a rule, we hardly work with agencies, Hoogendoorn kicks off. The well-known ‘Cor en Don’ commercials will therefore be produced at Corendon inhouse developed. Hoogendoorn shares a number of figures about this long-running, somewhat irritating campaign, which are not very positive: 54% thinks Cor and Don fit Corendon, 53% thinks they are sympathetic and 50% thinks they contain humor. Ergo: almost half of the Dutch have no positive associations with the duo. Hoogendoorn makes the comment that Cor and Don does generate high brand awareness – and that is what the tour operator is all about. In commercials, for example, the name ‘Corendon’ also appears on the large screen and the logo is significantly smaller.

Where Corendon distinguishes itself from the competition, according to Hoogendoorn, is the fact that the brand already has its own customer journeyactivities in-house. That makes Corendon ‘potentially the largest’. Hoogendoorn: “If the customer experiences a complaint on the plane, we can present the solution an hour later in the hotel.” In addition, Corendon offers ‘extras’ such as luggage service, transfer to the airport and a choice of special seats on the plane. “That is indeed not unfavorable financially,” Hoogendoorn admits.

Then corona: as is known, the virus has hit the travel industry and thus Corendon considerably. Already in February, when the virus just wandered around in holiday country Curaçao. Hoogendoorn: ‘That was a bummer, because I had just reserved a full-page advertisement in the Algemeen Dagblad: fly with Corendon to Curaçao!’ On April 29, when the Netherlands had been familiar with corona for some time, Corendon announced a partnership with Europarcs Holiday Parks, responding to the popularity of ‘holidays in your own country’. ‘It’s funny that TUI and Droomparken came up with the same idea the next day,’ says Hoogendoorn, who, incidentally, stated earlier that it was not nice to mention competitors.

And yes, Hoogendoorn is willing to share some corona figures if someone from the audience asks for it. ‘We are missing a quarter of turnover this year. So we will not close 2020 profitably, to say the least. But I do know that corona won’t get us down. ‘ What does he think of the state aid to KLM? ‘Understandable, but that is also a different story from Corendon. The government cannot save everyone. It’s an interesting year, let’s just stop there. ‘

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