Bastei Lübbe: New buy recommendation for the books share

The turnover at Bastei Lübbe falls in the first quarter by 0.4 million euros to 18.5 million euros. The EBIT improves from 1.4 million euros to 1.6 million euros. The debt of 3.0 million euros becomes a net asset position of 0.6 million euros. The investment by Zeitfracht should also have a supportive effect.

For the analysts at DZ Bank, the rating is going up after this development. The vote rises from “hold” to “buy”. At the same time, the price target will be raised from EUR 2.95 to EUR 4.50.

The experts see improvements in profitability and financial condition every quarter. The negative effects from the pandemic are subsiding, Bastei Lübbe is focusing more strongly on its core business again. Therefore, the analysts are reducing their risk parameters.

They expect earnings per share of EUR 0.31 for the current financial year. In the coming financial year, the plus should be 0.37 euros.

Bastei Lübbe’s shares gain 0.6 percent today to 3.60 euros.

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