Zeeman, also ‘remarkably simple’ at Nima Marketing Week

At Nima Marketing Week today keynote speaker Caroline van Turennout, also Zeeman’s marketing boss. The timing couldn’t be better: exactly one week after the launch of the store chain’s dirt-cheap and now sold-out perfume, the marketer is standing in front of a well-stocked 1.5-room in DeFabrique in Utrecht.

Nima Marketing Week takes place from 1 to 3 September. There are still tickets available for tomorrow (last day). For more information, visit the website.

Zeeman’s success story is now known: the brand is ‘powerful in simplicity’. The eau de parfum, based on 20% perfume oil and for € 4.99 per bottle, is not the retailer’s first successful marketing campaign. Zeeman’s friendly-priced wedding dress and sneakers have also flew over the counter in recent years. The idea: why would you spend € 80 for a perfume when you can also for € 5, for the same quality, but without an ‘expensive label’ stuck on it? It can be that simple, says Zeeman in various recent marketing communications. The retail chain sold tens of thousands of bottles last weekend, which means that ‘Lucht’ is sold out at the time of writing.

In a well-stocked Copraloods, Caroline van Turennout once again reveals Zeeman’s marketing success. Zeeman has long been known for its simplicity. A powerful term, but also a bit boring, says Van Turennout. That is why the retailer, in collaboration with its regular advertising agency Persuade, opted for the multiple tagline ‘remarkably simple’. Zeeman has also conducted research into his type of customer in recent years: it is the consumer who has to, but also who wants to pay attention. Those who shop at Zeeman no longer have to be ashamed of this; nowadays even the hippest hipsters with intricate buns can be found in the Zeeman stores. And that is precisely the target group that hangs around on social media all day and therefore finds it ‘cool’ to widely display its choice of clothing and perfume, that of Zeeman. It can be that simple, Van Turennout emphasizes once again.

It is the brand’s ‘remarkable simplicity’ that arouses so much sympathy and Caroline van Turennout is the epitome of that. She tells her story with confidence and unadorned – exactly what Zeeman stands for.

Photo by Nanny Kuilboer.


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