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The fieryness of youth: the potential of young cryptos is generally touted while the elders are mired in the difficulties of maturity. Does Polkadot (DOT) really have the strength to step onto the steps of the podium reserved for the largest cryptocurrencies? Vitalik Buterin has something to worry about; he had better bring his second baby’s due date forward because someone else is stealing the show.


Success DOT comes!

Many observers see a Polkadot in the top 3 cryptocurrencies in terms of market cap. DOWRY currently occupies sixth place on the site CoinGecko, with an estimated capitalization of $ 5.5 billion, a stone’s throw from Chainlink (LINK), another meteorite currency of 2020.

Since its listing on Binance, the price of the token gained almost 200% and, exceeded the 5 USD mark.

After its launch, DOWRY quickly entered several exchanges based in United States, whose Kraken. 197 projects are under development in the ecosystem.

The success of DOWRY is also due to a team of seasoned developers, among which is Gavin Woods who is none other than one of the co-founders ofEthereum (ETH).

Ethereum 2.0 is there or at least its cousin!

Polkadot is often compared to Ethereum and some even literally call it Ethereum 2.0.

The team of Polkadot however does not wish to oust Ethereum ; the CEO of Spartan Black, Kelvin Koh, states that the 2 blockchains can coexist and the success of one should not lead to the failure of the other. DOWRY should however be an attractive alternative to the high costs ofEthereum.

Koh explained that blockchains like Polkadot and Cosmos are fundamentally different fromEthereum : He believes, however, that in the long term, the viability of cryptocurrencies will be conditioned by the establishment of an interconnected network composed of multiple blockchains.

Koh had successfully predicted the increase in the DOWRY by comparing his progress to that of Cardano (ADA).


The token DOWRY was recently rebranded and is now 100 times smaller in size than the DOWRY original, without however affecting its value.

Polkadot bet on interoperability, a bet that now seems to be paying off. By translating by drawing inspiration from their elders, the new ones can gain the upper hand over the old ones who have led the way. However, young people will very likely end up having to face the same difficulties as their elders. So is the cycle of life in the blockchain!

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