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DHL, Lego, Maredo – what is behind well-known brand names

A good brand name is a science in itself. Sometimes originality is the key, sometimes it just disturbs. Often the family name of the founder is used as a brand and is only given meaning by the quality of the products. Some brand names, on the other hand, remain so meaningless that the recognition value is almost zero. Others are obvious and sound good, but have another catch that may only become apparent over time. In the 1990s, for example, the US rock band Live made it really difficult for their fans to find them on the Internet.

Brand names are ubiquitous like the names of friends and colleagues. It is well known that Adidas is named after founder Adolf Dassler or that Aldi is made up of Albecht-Discount. AEG simply stands for “General Electricity Company”. But what’s behind DHL, what request is hidden in Lego, are there actually Maredos in South America and why should Aral be named after the Aral Sea?

Well-known brand names have this meaning

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