Brain: Breakeven is approaching

Recently, Brain’s share price didn’t do very well. Restructuring and changes in corporate governance have put the paper under pressure. Many problems have now been solved, as can be seen in the current quarterly figures.

After three quarters, sales increased by 5.8 percent to 29.55 million euros. The EBITDA improves from -2.07 million euros to -0.55 million euros. For the third quarter, Brain reports an EBITDA of +0.16 million euros (previous year: -0.4 million euros). The loss in the third quarter will be more than halved. Brain comes to -1.55 million euros (previous year: -3.9 million euros).

On September 15th, Brain will hold a capital market day. There should be news about the future strategy. Baader analysts have already praised the work of the new CEO Adriaan Moelker in advance. Breakeven is expected in 2021/2022 based on EBITDA.

The analysts stick to the buy recommendation for the shares of Brain. The price target remains at EUR 17.50.

The shares of Brain are quoted unchanged at 8.00 euros.

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