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Among the applications that are possible with non-fungible tokens (NFT) are administrative documents, diplomas and of course works of art. These have recently been combined with a digital representation to immortalize a pet of a global celebrity. More than the application itself, it is the price at which the work was sold that will cause a sensation. At the end of the auction which was organized for the occasion, the performance was sold for 17 dollars paid in ETH. Perhaps this is proof that the use of cryptocurrencies to carry out such transactions is starting to resonate in the community.

Funds donated to charities

The representation in question is nothing other than the portrait of the pet cat of the famous heiress Paris Hilton. For fans of the subject, this is undoubtedly a special work like everything related to the star. The digital painting of the cat has been auctioned through an Ethereum-based platform. The goal was to donate the money raised to charities based in the United States. The success was there since the portrait was finally sold for 40 ETH or around 17,000 dollars.

The three organizations that will benefit from this sum include: The LA Food Bank, Meals On Wheels and BB4Homeless. The announcement was made by Paris Hilton herself through a tweet in which she mentioned the destination of the funds raised during the auction. If the identity of the purchaser has not been filtered, we know, however, that it is not his first. Known under the pseudonym of Adirolls, the collector also bought works of art by Roger Ver – the founder of – and Vlad Zamfir researcher of the Ethereum Foundation.

Source: Twitter

An aborted participation in the LydianCoin project

If this news involving Paris Hilton may seem new to the world of blockchain, it is not. In September 2017, the celebrity had advertised on Twitter its participation in the LydianCoin project of Guhrbakshs Cahal. The project was aimed at the time to raise $ 100 million through token sales. The ICO seemed to be getting good publicity then with the heiress’s interest until a grim affair made them change their mind.

Indeed, the founder of LydianCoin had to face accusations of domestic violence followed by assault and battery against employees. There were also other complaints of discrimination, but also harassment. Not wanting to associate his image with such a scandal, the businesswoman had no choice but to delete her tweet and cancel her participation in the project.


Cryptoassets are highly volatile unregulated investment products. No EU investor protection. Your capital is at risk.

With this auction, the blockchain takes a significant step – and especially particularly public – in his quest for adoption in new lines of business. More initiatives like this should probably see the light of day given the many benefits of this application.

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