SAP employees should drive company cars longer

Anyone who works for the DAX group SAP quickly gets a company car. Now the software manufacturer is calling on its employees to use the cars longer. This also has to do with the Corona crisis.

Europe’s largest software manufacturer SAP is appealing to its employees in Germany to drive their own company cars longer than usual in view of the corona pandemic. A spokesman said on Wednesday in Walldorf. First the “Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung” reported about it.

The spokesman justified the internal advance with the effects of the corona pandemic on SAP businesses. If at least some employees use their company vehicles for longer than planned, the group could postpone buying new cars. This saves money in the short term and helps to achieve the set financial goals.

Most of the 21,000 SAP employees in Germany enjoy the privilege of being provided with a company car. Most of them are entitled to this at the latest in their third year of service, as the spokesman said. The employees generally used the vehicles for four years, after which they would be entitled to a new car.

Appeal is a request – not a requirement

The current appeal is aimed specifically at employees who have been driving their cars for four years or more. These would have to comply with the company’s request to postpone the order for a new vehicle, but not. It is not a rule. The spokesman said nothing about feedback from its own employees.

According to the information, SAP does not lease its company cars, but buys them. The generous company car regulation is primarily a courtesy to the employees at the main location in Walldorf, which is remote from larger metropolises. Many employees do not live in the immediate vicinity and therefore often have to travel a long distance to their workplace.

SAP is by far the most valuable listed company in Germany. The Dax group generated a profit of more than 3.3 billion euros in 2019. The company is the manufacturer of numerous computer programs and also the Corona warning app.


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