Analysts expect profits after Apple and Tesla stock splits

After the first sharp price slide at the beginning of the corona pandemic, many stocks have now recovered significantly in price.
Image: Reuters

Soon the shares of Apple and Tesla will be split. One share becomes four new securities at Apple, and five at Tesla. What analysts forecast for the development of the courses.

S.if the price of a share rises very clearly, then it quickly looks expensive. Small investors in particular can then no longer easily invest in a company – especially if they want to diversify their risks widely. What private investor could easily raise $ 325,000 just to buy a single security? That’s how much a share of Berkshire Hathaway currently costs, the investment holding company of legendary investor Warren Buffett, making it the most expensive dividend stock in the world. The share of the Swiss chocolate manufacturer Lindt & Spr√ľngli is also part of this elite stock exchange league with currently around 81,000 Swiss francs.

After the first sharp price slide at the beginning of the corona pandemic, many shares have now recovered significantly. Technology stocks in particular have risen in value and have even set price records recently. Apple’s price has risen by around 140 percent since its March low to a good $ 500 on Thursday and has made the American technology giant with a market capitalization of around $ 2 trillion the most valuable company in the world. For the share of the American electric automaker Tesla, it even went up by a good 500 percent to about 2150 dollars.


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