Does the mask requirement help against zombies? – Commerzbank column

First, it should be sent in advance that the question should not be taken too seriously. An answer is therefore not provided, rather mask requirement and zombies are possibly also two sides of the same coin. Inevitably, these days we encounter the feeling of déjà-vus. After the liberalization measures following the lockdown in spring, the number of corona infections rose in a not entirely unpredictable way due to increased travel activity and perhaps also increased carelessness and carelessness. As a result, there are (initially) local restrictions again. Sub-areas of different travel countries are also declared risk areas – with corresponding consequences for those returning home. But: who can exactly track and control that? The corona pandemic is dragging on much longer than initially expected, the summer has not brought any real relaxation and we may be facing renewed restrictive measures with significant consequences for social life. The tourism and hospitality industries are already and will continue to be particularly affected. State aid measures, including the suspension of the obligation to file for insolvency, but prevent immediate “death”. Insolvent companies, also referred to as “zombie companies”, are initially spared the need to file for bankruptcy. Can the official statistics still be trusted? It is not without a certain irony that one has the feeling that the living air is being stolen and the dead are being artificially ventilated. But this comparison should not be taken too seriously either.


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