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Stand-up paddle boards are currently in short supply

Trend sport in Corona times: Stand up paddling on local waters. Photo: imago // A. Peacock

Because of the Corona-related travel restrictions, many have discovered the local waters for the still young sport standup paddling for themselves. After sales of stand up paddle boards had recently stagnated, providers were only partially prepared for the great demand.

Munich – Sporting goods manufacturers were among the first to bend their knees in the corona pandemic. Industry giants such as Adidas and Puma asked for government loans because almost all stationary stores had to close. “Our business has collapsed too, but only for a short time,” says Till Eberle. He is the managing director and co-owner of Boards & More in Oberhaching near Munich. The Bavarians see themselves as the world market leader for boards for kite and windsurfing. “Four weeks after the outbreak of the pandemic, there was an incredible demand from the Sups,” says the manager, referring to boards for stand-up paddling, the third mainstay of the Oberhachinger family. Domestic waters are now full of them. Paddling standing over the water has become the trend sport of the Corona summer.


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