Green mining at it’s best: Parkway Minerals

The Australian company Parkway Minerals NL (ASX: PWN; FRA: 4IP) With its processing technology for mining waste in the form of saturated brine eyes, the trick could actually succeed in combining economy and ecology. The technology has been advancing for more than a decade and it now seems to be gradually getting ready for the market.

As reported (see Goldinvest dated June 3, 2020), Parkway Minerals is working on the commercialization of its technology for processing complex brine in the energy, mining and wastewater industries. The company is now cooperating with strategic partners and is in close contact with potential customers. In addition, a pilot plant for testing larger quantities is about to be completed. An indirect indicator of the company’s progress is the commitment of respected engineers who have a lot of industrial experience. Most recently, a top-class man was recruited who previously worked for the energy company Shell. Parkway is thus expanding its engineering team far beyond its core process engineering competence and is now bringing direct experience to the planning, construction and commissioning of sewage treatment plants. These hands-on skills provide Parkway Minerals with a solid foundation from which to develop effective brine treatment offerings.

Positive tests with potential major customers

Parkway Minerals recently began a testing program based on its aMES ™ technology on a waste stream from a large non-ferrous metal mine. The complex waste stream is of great concern to the global mining company that operates the mine and provides a prime opportunity to add value by reducing wastewater volumes (and associated costs) and recovering significant mineral products (potentially in excess of $ 50 million / Year).

There is obviously interest in Europe too. Parkway Minerals recently completed a preliminary internal assessment of a mining waste stream from an established European mining project that was previously extensively tested using aMES ™ technology. Preliminary results suggest that the potential recoverable value of the waste stream from producing a salable product is of a similar magnitude to the project mentioned above.

IBC ™ update technology

The recently acquired iBC ™ technology offers the possibility of pretreating complex brines, especially from the coal seam gas industry (CSG), in order to enable further downstream processing, to reduce wastewater quantities and to recover valuable chemical products. While previous testing carried out prior to the acquisition of the technology confirmed the effectiveness of iBC ™ technology in pretreating CSG brines, most of this testing was carried out at relatively high temperatures on reasonably concentrated brines.

Extensive test work that has been carried out in the past few weeks has now confirmed that the iBC ™ technology is also able to achieve high causticizing efficiency at both low ambient temperatures and low brine concentrations, which broadens the range of potential economic applications significantly expanded. These very encouraging results will enable the development of innovative flow diagrams for brine processing and support the ongoing exploratory discussions with several CSG market participants facing significant challenges related to brine waste.

aMES ™ pilot plant should be ready in mid-October

The procurement processes associated with the construction of a new, state-of-the-art aMES ™ pilot facility are almost complete. Preparations for on-site assembly have already started. The completion of the installation of the system is expected in mid-October.

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