ALS Foundation launches Eyes Bucket Challenge

This is the sequel to the Ice Bucket Challenge in 2014, where people were challenged to pour a bucket of cold water over them within 24 hours. If you didn’t, you had to donate.

In the new Eyes Bucket Challenge, an AR filter on Instagram, the participant blinks to throw a bucket of water over an online puppet. The participant then shares his (or her) score as a print screen and challenges his friends.

Gerrit Jan Blonk, director of the ALS Netherlands Foundation, says: ‘We are the first charity that calls on its supporters to take action through a filter on social media. Did you know that many ALS patients are forced to be good at the Eyes Bucket Challenge? When their speech and muscle strength fail due to ALS, they communicate via an eye controlled computer. ‘

Sjef Kerkhofs, managing director at Daily Dialogues (part of Candid), adds: ‘In times of corona where everyone is still looking for’ the new normal ‘, it is important to continue to support charities so that they can do their important work. can continue. It’s great that we can contribute to that in this way. ‘

Check out the Instagram filter here.

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