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PodcastHow the gaming industry is driving new technologies

Gamescom normally ensures full halls, but this year the fair will take place virtually
Gamescom normally ensures that the halls are full, but this year the fair will take place virtuallyimago images / Arnulf Hettrich

Artificial intelligence, blockchain or social bots – the future is digital. But how digital is Germany actually? In the podcast “So techt Germany” the best digital experts provide insights into the tech scene.

Anyone who goes to Gamescom is usually prepared to explore virtual game worlds. Due to the corona, this year the whole trade fair will also take place in the digital world.

This has a number of advantages for visitors: For example, there is no participation fee and the long queuing to try out the individual games. The “Gamescom” feeling still exists, says Felix Falk, managing director of the Game Association, the organizer of the fair. “When we talk about a digital Gamescom, we talk about the fact that the exchange takes place in the communities, for example on the social platforms,” ​​he says.

Gaming industry works a lot with AI and Co.

Many game manufacturers in Germany are struggling against this – and that long before the outbreak of the corona pandemic. This is partly due to the high development costs, says Falk: “If I sit in Aachen and play a new game, it costs me an average of 30 percent more than if I play the game next door in France, England or Canada The reason is that game manufacturers in other countries are getting more public support. In Germany, however, people are still reluctant. In the past two budgets, the federal government has supported the gaming industry with 50 million euros each.

Rightly so, says Falk. Because apart from the fun factor of games, the industry works a lot with new technologies such as AI or augmented reality, which also play an important role for the economy. In the new episode of “So techt Germany”, Felix Falk tells what he expects for the virtual Gamescom and whether the analog trade fair is still needed.

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