Ex-board member Jan Marsalek deceived auditors with actors

The business crime at the insolvent Wirecard group goes into the next round: Apparently the ex-board member Jan Marsalek hired actors who are said to have deceived the auditors. It’s about a billion dollar sum.

The entanglements of the former Wirecard board member Jan Marsalek apparently go much further than previously known. He is said to have even hired actors to outsmart the EY auditors and not get exposed. This is reported by the “Manager Magazin” with reference to the relevant internal documents of the auditors.

EY was the long-time auditor of the Wirecard Group, but had nothing to complain about in the balance sheets for years. In mid-June, however, they did not approve the balance sheet because a hole over 1.9 billion euros had appeared. These should actually be in escrow accounts in the Philippines. Wirecard had to file for bankruptcy a week later.

But the British “Financial Times” has been reporting on possible balance sheet manipulations by the payment service provider for years. The auditing firm KPMG was supposed to dispel the allegations in the spring with a special report, but was unable to do so.

Bank branches were probably just backdrops

According to “Manager Magazin”, both EY and KPMG independently report that auditors flew to the Philippines in March to check the existence of the 1.9 billion euros. There they also visited branches of banks where the trust accounts had been opened.

They would have had the existence of the sum confirmed orally there. According to “Manager Magazin”, they now assume that some of the branches were backdrops and that bank employees were bribed. They blame Marsalek for this, who was the board member responsible for the dubious Asian business.

A video conference that EY held with alleged bank employees was also apparently falsified – instead of real bank employees, the auditors apparently sat opposite actors whom Marsalek is said to have engaged.

Marsalek is on the run

This was finally revealed when EY inquired about the money in the banks’ headquarters – and not just in the branch. In addition, the auditors demanded sample transfers for several hundred million euros in order to be able to prove the existence of the billion sum. When Wirecard was unable to deliver this, EY refused the certificate – the misery took its course.

Marsalek’s lawyer did not want to comment on the allegations, according to “Manager Magazin”. The ex-manager has been on the run since the accounting scandal and is wanted internationally.

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