Aurubis: Gradation despite good numbers

In the third quarter, sales at Aurubis fell by 5 percent to 2.88 billion euros. The operating EBIT increases by 69 percent to 44 million euros. In terms of operating profit before tax, there is an increase of 91 percent to 42 million euros. After three quarters, the plus is 6 percent, the hamburgers come to 133 million euros. The bottom line is that the net profit improves after nine months from 95 million euros to 103 million euros. According to CEO Harings, the business model is robust. He speaks of a solid result.

The analysts at Nord LB have meanwhile downgraded Aurubis shares from “buy” to “hold”. The price target remains at EUR 62.00.

You rate the latest Aurubis figures as surprisingly good. They see the operating pre-tax profit for the year as a whole at 229.5 million euros. Aurubis’ forecast is between EUR 185 million and EUR 250 million.

From the perspective of the analysts, there is an opportunity to become more international through further acquisitions.

Aurubis shares are down 0.9 percent today to EUR 58.04. Since the price has risen significantly recently and is close to the price target, there is a gradation.

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