niiio finance group is working on a new robo-advisor

The niiio finance group is developing a second generation robo-advisor. The market launch is scheduled for 2021. The partner is FiNet Asset Management. The two companies know each other, niiio finance group has already implemented a first-generation robo-advisor for FiNet.

The new version relies on algorithmic intelligence. Niiio CEO Johann Horch: “Almost all robos on the German market so far only offer a fully digital registration process, but when actually putting together the depot, they use the classic methods of asset management – no trace of artificial intelligence. We want to change that and offer our B2B customers algo-as-a-service for robo-advisors as well. “CEO Johann Horch continues:” We combine our expertise in asset management software with our technical know-how from the robo area and develop a new, attractive robo-solution that has great market potential. “

The custodian bank for this project is Baader Bank.

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