Lanen tells the story behind MSC certified fish

For this, MSC teamed up with Pepijn “Faberyayo” Lanen, known from the Youth of Today and as a solo artist and language artist, as well as campaign agency Food Cabinet. The campaign video can now be seen on social media, at NPO starts and below.

Traceable fish for healthy oceans
Fish tracking is hugely important for the preservation of fish stocks and healthy oceans, and one of the main pillars of the MSC sustainability label. Because consumers often know that the label stands for sustainable fish, but not what is behind it, MSC asked Food Cabinet to develop a campaign. In an animation video, Pepijn Lanen explains which way a cod travels from boat to plate.

Making a technical story accessible
Kevin Corcoran, creative director at Food Cabinet, says: ‘Traceability is super important: it is the way to find out whether the fish you buy is really the fish you have been promised. It’s just a very technical story. With this campaign we want to show consumers the value of tracing fish. We worked with Pepijn Lanen to get the story on paper in an accessible way. Pepijn also narrated the story for the video. Then we visualized the story together with Merel and Rens. In this way we made a complex story manageable in a frivolous and light-hearted way. ‘

Astrid Kösters, communications manager at MSC: ‘Consumers often know that they are buying sustainably caught fish when our label is on the packaging. But how do you know for sure that it really comes from a controlled fisherman? One of the strengths of the MSC program is that entire chains, all over the world, participate and are checked by independent auditors. ‘

Before a fish is in the shop it has passed through different hands. ‘Hands of experts who are committed to sustainable fishing and the preservation of the oceans. Consumers have a good idea of ​​the work that the fishermen do, but the people who will start working with the fish afterwards deserve to be properly portrayed, ‘says Kösters:’ We are very happy with the interpretation that Food Cabinet made for us together with Pepijn, Merel and Rens. Yes, right? ‘

See the video below.



Story author and voice over: Pepijn Lanen

Illustrations: Merel Corduwener

Animation: Rens Wegerif

Sound design: Peter Horwitz

About MSC
Marine Stewardship Council is an international non-profit organization set up to make fishing more sustainable. The MSC quality mark guarantees 3 principles: the prevention of overfishing, protection of ecosystems when caught and traceability of the fish caught. Together with fisheries, scientists, companies and nature organizations, MSC is committed to the sustainable fishing of oceans and to the supply of a wide range of fish, crustaceans and shellfish with the MSC label to the consumer. ‘

(source: MSC)

About Food Cabinet
‘Food Cabinet is the campaign agency that is working on a food system with a future. With (online) campaigns, activations, events and programs, it makes healthy, sustainable and fair food the norm. The agency is thus committed to long-term behavioral and culture change. With a team of strategists and creatives, Food Cabinet works for government, (industry) organizations, NGOs and brands with a mission. More info at: ‘

(source: FC)


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