Voltabox: Sales collapse completely

In the late afternoon, Voltabox published the final figures for 2019. Sales fell by 15.4 percent to 56.6 million euros. Voltabox had actually targeted sales of between EUR 70 million and EUR 80 million. The EBITDA drops from 9.6 million euros to -14.4 million euros. The EBIT in 2018 was 5.6 million euros, in 2019 it was -107.6 million euros.

Society will be cautious for 2020, the effects of the pandemic are palpable. A turnover between EUR 25 million and EUR 45 million is forecast. The EBITDA margin should be no more than -6 percent. In 2019 it was -25.4 percent. According to Voltabox, it intends to use the current financial year for restructuring. In addition, the group is to be geared towards the desired further development of the market position.

CEO Jürgen Pampel comments on the prospects: “By carefully incorporating the effects of the pandemic on our business, by transparently publishing a word-case sales scenario and by our adjusted balance sheet, we want to give the public and thus the capital market as valid a picture as possible of how we are the current situation has an impact on Voltabox’s operational business. ”

CFO Patrick Zabel describes the development in 2019 as disappointing. He continues: “Even if 2020 does not promise a return to profitable growth due to the known uncertainties for the economy, we are very optimistic with regard to medium-term planning. The further development of Voltabox should already be visible in the coming year. “

In the first quarter of 2020, Voltabox has a turnover of 2.8 million euros. The EBITDA is -6.2 million euros. This results in a margin of -220.6 percent. In the previous year sales were 12.6 million euros. Voltabox generated an EBITDA of 2.5 million euros at the start of 2019.


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