Mayster and AvK Brand Events a virtual showroom launch for MINI Netherlands. A custom, fully interactive @homeMINI Countryman starts Virtual Dealer

Especially in this time of social distance it is important to be able to reach people personally. Also for a MINI dealer when introducing a new MINI model. How can their prospects and customers then experience the unveiling of the new MINI Countryman completely digitally and personally?

That is why Mayster and AvK Brand Events devised and developed one for MINI Netherlands virtual showroom launch. A tailor-made, fully interactive @home showroom for the MINI dealer that allows him to completely virtually reveal the new MINI Countryman to his customers and prospects. We created 16 dealer-specific interactive @home showrooms that go live at the same time and are boosted regionally + nationally per dealer via the owned and paid channels of MINI Netherlands, the MINI dealers and YouTube, Facebook, Instagram.

The video content is fully compiled based on Google + YouTube search behavior and answers the most frequently asked questions about this new model. Depending on which device you click the link with, you will get a fully optimized version for mobile or desktop. Not scaled but developed separately. The data about viewing and clicking behavior in the video enables, among other things, continuous optimizations in UX and the video content.

This was commissioned by MINI Nederland (Daniëlle Dieben, Sanne Kleindijk, Hidde-Jan Haven, Jorne Goosen) by Mayster and AvK Brand Events. In collaboration with 180 Kingsday and BlueBillyWig.

View the Interactive @home showroom MINI Amsterdam here. And here the links to the Interactive screengrab video and the MINI Countryman blooper video. In the window below the teaser video.

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