Career4 character flaws in dealing with the boss

Symbolic picture: boss
Symbolic picture: bossGetty Images

# 1 blasphemy

Sometimes you just have to let off steam. Blasphemy is healthy (in moderation). But it does not belong in the workplace and certainly not in the conversation with the manager. It has little in common with constructive criticism. Blasphemy is, by definition, derogatory and malicious. In the end, these characteristics always fall back on the blasphemer – even if the boss may have participated in teasing a colleague.

# 2 slimes

Last time in school, slime was a fairly effective means of getting on in life. It is not for nothing that this hypocrisy of veneration is primarily paraphrased in sleazy terms. Sure: With narcissists, this strategy leads to success. But bosses without personality disorders will be wary of slime. Those who surround themselves with them inevitably fall on their face sooner or later.

# 3 apertures

Impostors are down to the deep fall. To a certain extent, diaphragms are permitted and even indicated in the job. Are you suddenly required to have a basic knowledge of Photoshop during an interview? If you don’t lie here, it’s your own fault. With skills that go beyond a YouTube crash course, restraint is called for. Don’t make promises that you can never keep. Because at the latest then the blender is exposed as a liar by the boss.

# 4 hump

The boss is not an emperor. It’s not even enough to be a feudal lord. In today’s healthy business environment, respect and loyalty define the guidelines for cooperation for both sides. A valuable employee is aware of their worth. That shouldn’t degenerate into arrogance. But those who throw themselves in the dust in front of the boss shouldn’t be surprised if they end up as a doormat.

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