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Chinese BSN is about to enter a new dimension as explained by He Yifan – CEO of Red Date Technology – during an interview with Cointelegraph. Indeed, the organization plans to integrate some 40 of the best-known public blockchains in the next 12 months. The present momentum should also continue with the aim of double this number in 2022.

Ethereum, EOS and NEO among the first to be integrated

Since its launch in 2021, the Chinese BSN has recorded the membership of just over 6,000 businesses and individuals on its network. Basically, it was designed to help SMEs as well as entrepreneurs wishing to embark on blockchain technology applications. It should also be noted that this is the very first blockchain-related initiative to gain full support from the Chinese government. On the strength of this, the BSN therefore decided to integrate several networks of public blockchains through its International wing.

He Yifan also commented on how the selection of these blockchains will be done. “We try to integrate as many suitable public channels as possible, but certainly not all channels. This would not be possible due to the high costs and limited manpower did he declare. He went on to say that BSN already has a first batch of six blockchain networks that it plans to integrate, which includes Ethereum, EOS and NEO.

Providing Dapp developers with an easier and cheaper single point of access

The CEO Red Date Technology also took the opportunity to discuss the aspirations of the BSN and the goal of integrating blockchains. He states in this regard: “We are building together the Mainnet and Testnet nodes of these public channels in order to provide Dapp developers with an easier and cheaper single point of access. With a single gateway and a simple monthly plan, developers can access all public blockchains on the BSN very easily. This lowers the barrier to entry for DApp development and allows more traditional developers to join this industry. Reducing the costs of developing and deploying applications is the starting point for innovation. In other words, the BSN aims become a connection point for all blockchain networks and protocols.


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While the international branch of BSN is currently seeking to attract companies from around the world in its integration project, BSN-China is working with blockchains to promote local innovation. A spot repair that aims to facilitate the adoption of blockchain in the country. The next step in their schedule is to share BSN source codes with all members of the BSN International Foundation.


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