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The number 1 exchange in Japan since 2014 in terms of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies has landed in Europe for a few years now to democratize access to cryptocurrency to as many people as possible. Indeed, we had the opportunity in a previous article to present the bitFlyer exchange offer in detail. An offer that is in fact twofold, since it is divided between a very ergonomic platform with a quick start and a section called bitFlyer Lightning intended for more experienced traders. Today we are going to focus more particularly on the services that bitFlyer offers you from your smartphone, thanks to a well thought-out and above all very useful application to follow you wherever you go.

Warning : This article is offered to you in partnership with the company bitFlyer. Crypto investments are risky by nature, do your own research and invest only within the limits of your financial capacity. This article does not constitute an investment invitation.

Download and access the bitFlyer application: ergonomics and speed in key words!

The application bitFlyer is available on IOS and android, so there is a good chance that you can download the app in a few moments from the Appstore or the Google Play Store. Once your download is complete, all you have to do is log in with your email and password defined when you registered for the exchange. If you are not yet registered on bitFlyer we advise you to go for a walk on our full bitFlyer review in which you will find a step-by-step registration guide.

Once connected to the bitFlyer app, we immediately find the benchmarks that we could find on the website of the exchange. The home page thus consists of the key information of your account, namely: the euro value of your portfolio, your daily gain and / or loss ratio. Then you can follow in real time the evolution of price of the 7 cryptocurrencies available for purchase and sale on bitFlyer. These cryptocurrencies are as follows: we obviously find the essentials Bitcoin and Ether but also Ether Classic, the Litecoin, the Bitcoin Cash and finally the Monacoin and the Lisk. The safe values ​​of the crypto market are thus available on bitFlyer.

bitFlyer, buy and trade your BTC with ease

Deposit your funds from the app by transfer

One of the main features of the app is of course being able to place buy orders on cryptocurrencies available on the bitFlyer exchange, and this directly from your smartphone.

Once again the Japanese exchange teams have made every effort to provide the most simple and as fluid as possible to delight anyone wishing to access or complete its cryptocurrency wallet.

In order to be able to buy cryptocurrency from the app you must credit your euro account if it wasn’t already. There are two possibilities for this, the first is to carry out a SEPA-type bank transfer to the bank of the company bitFlyer whose European headquarters are located in Luxembourg.

Track and analyze prices, then place your buy order

Once your account is credited, return to the application’s home page to view the cryptocurrency prices and select the one on which you wish to place a buy order.

Suppose you want to buy bitcoin, you just have to click on the bitcoin logo, you then arrive on a page dedicated to Bitcoin from which you can observe in detail the evolution of the price. It is important to note that compared to other exchange apps the app bitFlyer offers a remarkable design which allows a perfect visualization of the evolution of the prices of the available cryptocurrencies. You can thus observe the evolutions according to several temporalities: by hour, day, week, month or year. All by means of a classic graph or a candle graph well known to traders.

We will note the fluidity and speed of the actions you perform on the application, no latency, prices are displayed in a fraction of a second and you can even switch from one price of one cryptocurrency to another by “swiping” from the left on the right and vice versa. A truly immersive experience to immerse yourself in the crypto universe and analyze price movements in detail before embarking on a buy order.

Note that with the bitFlyer exchange, there is no no so-called “slippage” phenomenon that can be found in certain markets. So the amount of crypto as well as the price of your buy order will not change, so don’t worry about not getting value for your money by placing a buy or sell order on bitFlyer.

For sales orders, the principle is the same, a smooth and fast process, all at no cost!

Regarding the sale of your cryptocurrency the principle is the same, click on the cryptocurrency of your choice, on the page dedicated to the crypto, this time choose the big red button “SELL”, once again the sales process is very intuitive in the same way as for the purchase. Choose the amount of cryptocurrency you want to sell and see live the amount in euros that you will recover in your wallet. One more time no slippage effect on sell orders. No risk of bad surprises on the orders you place, the amount indicated corresponds to the amount you will receive in your wallet.

The huge advantage that makes bitFlyer such a competitive exchange is the fees. Indeed, they are the real sinews of war when trying to compare exchanges. We had already mentioned it in a previous article but it is good to reiterate that bitFlyer has it all figured out in terms of fees in the sense that these fees are zero on your buy and sell transactions, only a small percentage of fees are incurred when you withdraw your funds from your wallet to your bank account.

Once your operations have been carried out, you therefore have the possibility of recover the available balance in euros from your bank account using the “Withdraw” option. Once again register your account with the details of a RIB and complete the transfer, all from your smartphone.

The security of your funds: a priority for bitFlyer

You will understand it with the app bitFlyer in your pocket, no more excuses to miss a trade on your favorite cryptocurrency. Even on vacation by the water you are ready to place the buy or sell order that will allow you to optimize the performance of your portfolio.

The app therefore allows you to have an ultra-smooth experience for buying and selling your cryptocurrencies. Beyond this central functionality, bitFlyer has deployed functionalities that provide real added value for its users.

First bitFlyer puts a point of honor to ensure one of the highest security in all of the geographical areas covered by the platform. In Europe the exchange benefits from the CSSF license granted by the Luxembourg financial sector commission. Your funds are also protected thanks to backup processes such as “Cold storage” which allow minimize the risk of a cyber-attack on the platform and thus guarantee the availability of your funds at all times.

Follow the news in real time from your application and have an integrated wallet.

Then a really cool feature is being able to access news from the cryptocurrency sector directly from your mobile application. You are aware that fluctuations in the price of cryptocurrencies are fairly broad, due to the volatility specific to these digital assets and therefore liable to react upwards or downwards depending on the various news items which are numerous and which we are pleased to relay every day on Thecointribune.

So directly from your home dashboard you can see the hot news “Bloomberg”And in one click you access the details of the list of the different articles selected by bitFlyer.

Having had the opportunity to test several cryptocurrency exchange applications, this feature is a real added value and allows you to do two things at the same time, monitor the prices of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies while keeping an eye out for the hot news of the moment that could influence the prices in real time.

Each page dedicated to a cryptocurrency is also enriched with essential information to better understand it, perfect elements for beginners who will know how to develop their knowledge of crypto at the same time as they trade. If you are new to crypto the bitFlyer app will be perfect for you to build skills and master the market. If you are more experienced or aspire to become in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading you can then switch to bitFlyer lightning, the Japanese exchange solution dedicated to experts who can thus find much more detailed information in a universe intended for advanced trading. BitFlyer Lightning allows in particular thanks to a set of API connection to set up an algorithmic trading strategy by programming your own trading bot.

Finally, if you are new to cryptocurrencies and do not have a wallet to store them safely, the application integrates a wallet free of charge to guarantee safe storage.

Conclusion: a perfect app for getting started in the cryptocurrency world

You will understand, fast, intuitive and efficient, the bitFlyer application is the perfect gateway for any trader who is new to the cryptocurrency world. From this, you will be able to follow in real time the performance of your portfolio, place your buy and sell orders in a few moments, while knowing that your cryptos are safe, and finally the fact of not having to pay. Fee on trading operations is a huge advantage and you would be wrong not to take advantage of it. For Apple Addicts, it’s over here, for Android, over here.


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