Stegeman with Blyde towards 50% less meat production by 2030

To reinforce their new mission and to help meat lovers find meat substitutes, the company is joining forces with PR agency Blyde Benelux. Both parties share the ambition to contribute to the transition to sustainable consumption and a smaller environmental footprint of both consumers and companies, they report. The two are determined to change the meat industry from within and to encourage the Netherlands to achieve a balanced meat consumption. The PR agency will support the artisan butcher in the coming period with the introduction of its new vegetarian products and “Veggie Thursday” – a fixed vegetarian day in the week.

Consumer behavior in transition
Meat consumption in our country is slowly declining, but it can be done faster, says Stegeman. The Dutch butcher company sees it as its mission to contribute to behavioral change and accelerate the transition. It focuses on consumers who want to eat meat less often, but not necessarily no meat. As an authority in the field of tasty and qualitative meat products, the company can encourage behavioral change among this group. “We can only bring about large-scale change together with consumers. We have known the meat eater for 160 years and are therefore in the perfect position to encourage this, says Annemieke Boering, senior Brand Manager Sigma Food Group. ‘The butcher’s trade is a craft in which taste, quality and innovation play an important role. That does not mean that meat necessarily has to be the basic ingredient. ‘ The company takes its responsibility seriously and aims to increase its production of plant-based alternatives by 50% by 2030.

Veggie Thursday: A step in the right direction
To help the curious meat eater or meat lover on their way, Stegeman not only expands the range with different vegetarian products, but also introduces “Veggie Thursday” in collaboration with Blyde. According to Stegeman, a regular day a week of vegetarian food helps a step in the right direction to change behavior. Lorette der Kinder, managing director of Blyde Benelux: ‘It is a fantastic development that Stegeman, as a 160-year-old professional in meat, takes this responsibility and wants to reduce the environmental impact of the meat industry. We think it is a wonderful opportunity to work with the company on this mission that fits seamlessly with our own mission: “creating a positive footprint worldwide”. ‘
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Read here a recent interview from MarketingTribune with Annemieke Boering, senior brand manager Stegeman.

About Blyde
‘Creating social added value is central to the B Corp certified Blyde Benelux. The PR agency is a strategic and creative partner in PR and works for Ecover, method, The Bodyshop, Abbot Kinney’s, Intratuin, Lendahand, Bear and TEDxAmsterdamWomen, among others. In addition to supporting various NGOs, Blyde also initiates its own projects with a positive influence. Blyde Benelux was founded in 2015 and serves both the Dutch and the Belgian market (Dutch and French), from Amsterdam and Antwerp. For more information see & ‘

(source: Blyde)

About Stegeman
Stegeman was founded in 1858 by Johannes Stegeman. Stegeman has stood for quality, taste and innovation in meat products since 1858. The quality butcher makes ordinary, everyday moments special with both processed meats and meat substitutes. The varied range makes it easy for carnivorous consumers to find a balance in meat consumption and to opt for a vegetarian alternative. At Stegeman they go for 0% waste, 50% less meat and 100% transparency. In this way, Stegeman strives to reduce the environmental impact and increase animal welfare in the meat industry. More info on ‘

(source: Stegeman)

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