Retirement 09/2020: the next wave

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Title subject: the next wave

Corona bankruptcies: German companies have so far got through the Corona crisis lightly – thanks to lavish rescue packages from the state. But after almost six months of a state of emergency, the alarm signals are mounting, experts fear a record number of bankruptcies. Politicians are faced with an explosive question: who do they save from ruin, how much renewal do they allow?

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China: After the crisis in 2009, the country pulled the world economy out of trouble. Even now China is recovering quickly, but this time the world will not be saved

Asset manager: It is not easy to invest a six-figure sum well. Independent asset managers promise exactly that. has tested the performance of the industry – on the basis of thousands of real portfolios

Crash fear: Is a second wave of infections infecting the markets again? Rather no, but the stock exchanges remain nervous. This is how investors arm themselves for rough times

Elite panel: Adidas, Tönnies and Lufthansa have battered their reputation in the Corona crisis, shows the latest survey of Germany’s decision-makers. Plus: which skills are now in demand

Joe Biden: At least in the polls, the Democratic candidate is ahead of Donald Trump. What to expect from a US President Biden, especially for the economy?

Wirecard: The scandal group had close ties to federal and state governments. The main puller is now in custody

Teamviewer: There are great hopes for the software company: the next SAP, a globally successful tech company from Germany. For this, the inventors from Swabia just have to keep their genius

Steel industry: Many German steel companies have resisted any innovation for 40 years – this is now taking its toll

Energy efficiency: Good for the climate, good for the balance sheet: the photographer Luca Locatelli shows how companies use energy more efficiently

Theme fund: Health, robotics, artificial intelligence or energy – specialized funds for trend industries are booming. has identified the best

Online traders: Trading apps like Robinhood turn financial investments into a game. This tempts young investors in particular to trade – with terrifying risks

Green standards: More and more money is flowing into sustainable investments. But what makes this sustainable, and who determines that? German investors face unpleasant surprises

Kitchens: Once upon a time, kitchens were just functional rooms. But they have long been a meeting point and reception room in the house – and recently also home offices

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