BUND environmentalists want to close regional airports

Regional airports are controversial: their operation is too expensive, say the critics. Necessary for the connection, the proponents. Now environmentalists have published a new study – many airports should close.

Environmentalists have called for the immediate closure of seven regional airports. The environmental organization BUND and the Forum Ecological-Social Market Economy (FÖS) cite a joint study as the basis for this.

Only three of the 14 regional airports examined would have a transport policy benefit from connecting their region to international air traffic. The rest are almost without exception vacation flights.

The regional airports showed “the whole absurdity of flying”, said the BUND boss Olaf Bandt. The study deals with the economic efficiency, the importance for the traffic connection and the development of the passenger numbers of airports with 200,000 to three million passengers per year.

According to the BUND, these airports should be closed

Bremen and Memmingen did the best with a “yellow card” and two positive ratings each. A positive evaluation and therefore an “orange card” each went to Dresden, Dortmund, Friedrichshafen, Karlsruhe / Baden-Baden and Münster / Osnabrück.

From the point of view of environmentalists, those regional airports that received only negative reviews and thus a “red card” should be closed immediately: Erfurt-Weimar, Frankfurt-Hahn, Kassel-Calden, Niederrhein-Weeze, Paderborn / Lippstadt, Rostock-Laage and Saarbrücken. According to the information, the basis was the 2014 to 2018 annual reports.

Meanwhile, the airport association ADV rejected the demands and demanded cost relief, especially for security measures that are borne by the state in other EU countries. The association referred to the importance of airports in freight traffic and as a location factor for companies.


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