Warren Buffett is buying gold and this important decision is coming up this week

Dear investors,

From a statistical point of view, the months of August and September are among the weakest stock market months of the year. Mind you “actually”. Because what is normal in this “Corona year”? From a technical point of view, the stock market lights are still on “green” and the injections of liquidity from governments and central banks will ensure a further inflow of capital.

Nobody knows how far the current rally will “carry”

It is also clear, however, that we always have to reckon with a correction in view of the recent soaring, even if nobody knows when it will come and what will trigger it. Because almost all investors are now sitting on high profits and when we come to the point that a small setback develops into a larger one that is not used again for acquisitions, then suddenly everyone wants to go through the same “escape door”, which then really makes the courses slide.

As long as it means for you: Being there is everything!

The sensational news of the week was certainly: Warren Buffett bought gold for the first time in his investing career. You can find out what that means and how Mick Knauff and I assess Wirecard’s possible successors (Symrise and Delivero Hero) in the DAX HERE in the video.



Jürgen Schmitt

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