Offspring Media and Markteffect start collaboration

After a successful pilot, the companies will further expand the collaboration in the form of a common market research proposition in the market for families with young children and pregnant women.

National Breastfeeding Survey 2020

Last weeks it became National Breastfeeding Survey 2020 performed by Offspring Media in collaboration with Markteffect. This first inventory collaboration turned out to be a success with almost 4,000 respondents (including 1,000 pregnant women). The World Breastfeeding Week study was conducted within a few days, making it the largest breastfeeding study in the Netherlands.

Mathijs Visser (Offspring Media): “As a fast-growing online publisher with various platforms for pregnant women, mothers and families in the Netherlands, Flanders and Germany, we offer companies all kinds of possibilities to get in touch with our target group. We also regularly receive requests for market research. Thanks to the exclusive cooperation with Markteffect, we can engage them for this and use their many years of research experience. This is an immediate added value for our customers and therefore also for our company. “

The collaboration between Offspring Media and Markteffect focuses on offering various market research for companies – for example target groups, needs research and PR research – and on the other hand on ready-to-use research products such as brand awareness measurement, campaign effect measurement and concept testing.

Hans de Jong (Markteffect): “Markteffect is known in the market as a specialist in reaching challenging target groups. We traditionally do this through online panels, through our call center and fieldwork team. In addition, we explicitly seek collaboration with companies that have access to niche target groups. Offspring Media is such a company and gives us access to a very interesting target group consisting of pregnant women, mothers and families. Our first pilot immediately shows the enormous potential of our collaboration. The high response figures, involvement of the target group and the quality of the data were immediately noticeable. “


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