Ballard Power share: an exciting chart and great price potential? – Chart analysis

The Ballard Power share is currently showing a highly interesting situation in terms of chart technology. The Canadian fuel cell stock has recently seen a downward move from the house top at $ 21.61 to the $ 13.78 / $ 13.82 range. On the NASDAQ, a potential double low has formed just below the $ 14 mark in recent weeks, with an interim high of $ 5.90. After the second low was formed in the formation last week, Ballard’s share price was able to move up significantly out of the zone yesterday and climb to $ 15.66. Ended yesterday at $ 15.54, the US pre-market indications for Ballard Power shares are currently at the $ 16 mark.

This is an exciting trading day in terms of charts. Should Ballard Power’s share price break out steadily above the zone between $ 15.81 / $ 15.90 – the upper end of the potential double floor – and the chart hurdles above it at $ 16.35 / 16.55, the ” Turned tables ”after the recent downward movement. At least from a chart perspective. The next technical obstacles would then be present at $ 17.34 / 17.60. Additional buy signals could then trigger a new rally movement. If the breakout from the potential double floor does not occur, however, there is a risk of growing pressure on the zone 13.78 / 13.82 dollars – and a possible new sell signal-


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