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The more special and difficult a certain task is, the fewer candidates are usually considered and are available on the job market. With job advertisements and common selection processes, companies often get stuck – or not quickly enough. Instead, professional recruiters come into play. With these 4 tips you can also put yourself on the radar of headhunters.

# 1 Maintain digital job profiles

Headhunters also operate digitally – for example at Xing and LinkedIn. Create your profiles there flawlessly – from professional photos to original short descriptions of the search / offer categories and a complete résumé to positive references and relevant keywords. Don’t just list stations, but give two or three facts about the company and its customers. You can also add to selected projects or successes. Link yourself cleverly, follow industry groups and participate actively. If you never post holiday or other private photos on Facebook anyway, you can also advertise yourself there professionally or at least network strategically.

# 2 use job portals

Not only companies advertise vacancies on online job exchanges. Often users can also create their own job profile. Do it there just as carefully as you would with Xing and LinkedIn. With your presence there, you indirectly indicate that you recommend yourself to headhunters. There are also special job exchanges for managers.

# 3 In-branch networking

After a long day at the office, attending an event privately that has to do with the job takes some effort. Or accept an invitation from an ex-colleague and visit him at his new workplace. Or devoted to small talk with other guests at a business lunch. Nevertheless, maintaining contacts is essential in order to be known. You should never openly express your intention to change. But important people in the industry should know what exactly they are working on. You could end up on the agenda of a headhunter if you played like a gang. So that your name keeps coming up somewhere, it can’t hurt to stay in long-term contact with previous employers.

# 4 Public self-marketing

In order for recruiters to notice you, you need to be present logically. In addition to networking, this includes a certain amount of public engagement. Possible activities include lectures at specialist events, articles for industry publications, conducting training outside the company and regularly participating in discussions on Twitter. Or you can start your own blog with which you can present yourself as an expert and thus possibly also be found by journalists as interview partners. You should also be well prepared for career fairs or congresses – analog material such as a portfolio flyer or business card are not taboo in 2019 either.


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