[NMW] Mariëlle Rooswinkel: “I give Karwei its own place in the DIY market”

Nima Marketing Week takes place from 1 to 3 September in DeFabrique in Utrecht. Go here for more information and tickets. Mariëlle Rooswinkel will speak on Wednesday 2 September at 10:00 in the Perserij.

What is the latest news at Karwei?

Fresh off the press: our new one upcyclingcampaign has just been released. Sustainability is playing an increasingly important role in furnishing your home and garden. The latest trend is upcycling: instead of throwing things away, you give them a second life. Together with presenter Shelly Sterk we have developed a 6-part video series.

Nima Marketing Week takes place both live and online this year. What do you think of this setup?

An excellent choice. It is a shame if colleagues cannot get together this year, but the current situation is no different. There is also something positive about it: if you participate online, it saves travel time, for example. You can continue working in between presentations. I personally find another advantage.

Why are visitors wise to come to your talk?

We have just completed the repositioning of Karwei, in which we again made sharp choices. If you would like to hear how you distinguish yourself as a brand in the DIY world and know how to tap into a new target group, then you can join. Karwei has done this by combining the familiar odd jobs with furnishing. Everyone now knows where to find us in this area and we are ready to take the next step. In my presentation I will tell you everything about how I want to transform the Karwei brand and give it its own place in the busy DIY and housing market.

What other talk would you like to recommend and why?

Marc van Eck’s, because I worked with him to set our repositioning. I think his story ties in nicely with what I’m going to tell you.

How long will you linger on the drink afterwards?

I always decide that on the day itself, but usually I like to be there.

Photo by Suzanne Blanchard.

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