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ExclusiveAdidas damaged its reputation the hardest during the crisis

Adidas: The reputation of the sporting goods manufacturer suffered greatly in the Corona crisisimago images / Ralph Peters

The image of the sporting goods manufacturer Adidas was particularly badly damaged in the Corona crisis. This is the result of a special evaluation in the elite panel of the Allensbach Institute for Demoscopy, which was commissioned by the Center for Strategy and Higher Leadership.

The new will be released on August 20th

As reports in its new issue, of the more than 500 high-ranking managers and politicians surveyed, almost one in five (18.9 percent) said they had noticed Adidas negatively during the Corona crisis. In the survey, the sporting goods manufacturer ended up ahead of the meat company Tönnies (14.8 percent), which was criticized as a corona hotspot for precarious working conditions, and Lufthansa (7.0), which asked customers for months to get their ticket prices refunded let wait.

For Klaus Schweinsberg, founder of the Center for Strategy and Higher Leadership, the results show that the Corona crisis requires managers to have new skills. In times of crisis, “top management has to communicate itself – persistently and authentically,” Schweinsberg told Many companies could indeed rebuild their lost reputations, Schweinsberg continued: “But that’s a top priority. At Adidas or Volkswagen, I don’t see that the CEOs heard the shot. “

The full results of the Elite-Pandel special evaluation read in 09/2020. The issue will go on sale on August 20th. Here is the Subscription shopwhere you can order the print version. Our digital edition is available at iTunes and GooglePlay


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