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Hacks, scams, it’s become commonplace in the cryptosphere, so much so that we might need to create a Hacks and Scams Tribune on The Coin Tribune. But hey, we wouldn’t want to encourage certain vocations either – rather take a tour on the mining or trading platform. Today we are talking about crypto-jacking: it is quite technical, but you may be a victim! So make an effort to read the entire article.

You may be running a mining business… without knowing it!

In an interview with Cointelegraph, one of the executive heads of the Research and Intelligence department of Blackberry, Josh lemos, revealed that most large companies were vulnerable to crypto-jacking.

Hackers are better and better organized to exploit vulnerabilities on networks; some manage to gain access to administrator accounts to be able to illegally mine cryptocurrencies, using company resources.

Lemos explained that cryptocurrency mining programs are not necessarily malicious, but they are often associated with software that is.

Attacks can be carried out in a number of ways: through a JavaScript application that runs on a website or through phishing.

Hackers adopt a strategy of distributing attacks so that they do not pose a significant risk and so can go unnoticed; by acting under the radar, hackers can deploy their pirate program on a larger scale.

Hackers and their secrets: their favorite toys

Crypto-jacking practices seem to have found their favorite: the Monero (XMR).

The newly identified new hybrid malware, dubbed Lucifer, was using a well-known mining application, the XMRig, associated with malware that exploits vulnerabilities in Windows.

Josh lemos believes that the majority of hackers now use full malware suites to target as many vulnerabilities as possible.

As long as the pandemic – COVID-19 and not viruses used by hackers – continues to pose a risk of a crash on the stock markets or a bankruptcy of the dollar with the catastrophic stimulus plan of the American Federal Reserve (FED), cryptocurrencies are attracting more and more investors, as alternative investments or safe haven.

This appeal increases the value of cryptos and their appeal to hackers – who are therefore also good investors but with “different” practices.


Cryptoassets are highly volatile unregulated investment products. No EU investor protection. Your capital is at risk.

Are there any hackers who support the cryptosphere and its worldview? Or are they all motivated by the lure of profit – blah, fiat or crypto: that’s still a blur! Pay attention to your wallets, whatever their motivation, all imprudence comes at a high price.

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