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It looks like dropshipping on Aliexpress but at least deliveries are then usually done in less than a month, otherwise watch out for emails threatening legal complaints from customers, all seasoned with “kind” words like “crooks”, or “Scammers” … Bitmain him, takes his time, there is no rush: you will have your new Bitcoin miners (BTC) in 6 months, in the meantime, find something to pass the time – why not watch the telenovela which features the 2 important members of Bitmain.

Postponement of delivery due to war

Bitmain reported in a post on Wechat postponement of deliveries of new machines Antminer. The message explains that the orders that should have been delivered in June and July 2020 will be shipped in September and October 2020.

This type of equipment is generally ordered 3 months in advance, which means that the orders to be delivered for June and July 2020, were placed in March 2020: the corresponding costs now represent a waiting time of 6 months.

The post also added that the postponement was due to an exceptional situation resulting from interference from outside management. Observers assume that this outside interference refers to the open war between the co-founders of Bitmain : the current CEO, Jihan Wu, and his rival, Micree Ketuan Zhan, who had been sacked in controversial circumstances

In June 2020, a court decision was rendered in favor of Zhan, which now controls the operations of Shenzhen. July 2020, Zhan had accused Wu the theft of 10,000 machines in a Bitmain in Mongolia. A very nice atmosphere to which Bitmain has accustomed us in recent years.

Bitcoins without mining with Bitmain

Bitmain offers 2 options as compensation to its customers. The first is the possibility of using fast delivery: in the event that the customer has not received their equipment within 60 days, they may request a refund.

The second option consists of the delivery of coupons whose value will be equivalent to the theoretical mining revenues until the date of delivery.

Bitmain specifies that these 2 options cannot be combined.


Cryptoassets are highly volatile unregulated investment products. No EU investor protection. Your capital is at risk.

Would the price of Bitcoin (BTC) have experienced an even more sustained or on the contrary less pronounced increase if the new Antminer machines were delivered on time? To say that these big calculation monsters are changing the world of finance; Maybe Bitmain should use them to calculate their delivery time.


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