Vaccine company Curevac wants to go public

The Tübingen-based company Curevac needs money to advance its research into a vaccine against the coronavirus. That’s what it wants to get when it goes public. Hundreds of millions of euros should come in.

The US IPO of the Tübingen biotech company Curevac, which is researching a corona vaccine, is already planned for this Friday, according to the New York technology exchange Nasdaq.

The Nasdaq’s online calendar showed on Thursday that the company’s shares were to be publicly offered for sale on August 14th.

A Curevac spokesman did not want to comment on the appointment when asked. The exact time of the IPO was unclear until recently.

Curevac wants to raise more than 200 million euros

The company hopes to raise up to 245 million US dollars (around 207 million euros) from investors on the stock exchange. The company announced on Monday that it is planned to initially offer and sell around 13.3 million ordinary shares. The price per share is expected to be between $ 14 and $ 16.

The money should be invested in the further development of a corona vaccine and the expansion of production capacities, among other things, it said.

In a recently completed financing round, Curevac had already raised around 560 million euros from investors. This also included the federal government, which announced in June that the state development bank KfW had entered Curevac for 300 million euros. The aim was therefore also to prevent a possible takeover from abroad in the race for a corona vaccine.

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