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bitcoin on the way to 100,000 according to Pantera

One day the story will be told of the rise of Bitcoin (BTC) to 100,000 USD – by adding spice of course – to amaze future beginner cryptophiles. But for now, Bitcoin must win the $ 12,000 battle, when some analysts are already living in the world of 6-digit BTC – at least in their mind, or rather in their writings.

Yet another PlanBist: $ 100,000 Bitcoin

In a recent interview, the founder of Pantera, Dan Morehead, has revealed its forecast for the price of Bitcoin. So, Morehead believes that it is quite possible that the value of Bitcoin continues to increase to reach the 100,000 USD.

Over the past 9 years, the increase in the price of Bitcoin was around 209% on average per year: if this increase continues in the same proportions, it is not impossible that the current price of Bitcoin be multiplied by 10.

According to the calculations of Morehead, It will take exactly 1.92 years to Bitcoin to reach 100,000 USD.

Bitcoin BTC Stock to Flow 100,000 USD PlanB

What more can we say: Bitcoin is the best!

In May 2020, Pantera had published an article on Medium in which his forecast of the price of Bitcoin were a little more optimistic than those of Dan Morehead : indeed, the article – written in the form of a letter to investors – indicated that Bitcoin could reach the 115,000 USD in August 2021.

Pantera had carried out an analysis of the conditions macroeconomic current to deduce their impact on cryptocurrency. The spread of pandemic is at the origin of a fort slow-down of the economy : Quantitative easing leads to excessive printing and application of negative interest rates.

Pantera concludes that the performance of Bitcoin will undoubtedly be superior to those of traditional assets.


Dan Morehead, PlanB: those people who knew how to see far and who believed against all odds in a Bitcoin at 100,000 USD; ah those BTC heroes! Or Dan Morehead and PlanB, those people who smoked a little too much on crypto forecasts; ah those BTC zeros! History will judge their audacity to come out with such numbers in the current context. A forecast is a bet no matter how complex the mathematical model you use: financial wisdom to incorporate into your trading and investment strategies!


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