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ESPN Global accepts Bitcoin payments with blockchain

2020 is definitely the year of all records. In contrast to the sad record linked to this coronavirus period, many sectors are the scene of innovations of all kinds. On the same wavelength, ESPN Global has decided to revolutionize the world of online gaming. The radical novelty at this level is the integration of blockchain technology into online games. Thus, thanks to its blockchain gaming platform, ESPN can now receive payments in Bitcoin (BTC).

A platform that revolutionizes online gaming

The ESPN blockchain gaming platform is currently in the pre-launch phase. The objective of its advent is the possibility of earn cryptocurrency rewards as a result of online battles or tournaments. Since this gaming platform is essentially blockchain-based, players it hosts will only use the Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies to make their deposits and withdrawals.

They will also have the opportunity to benefit from a Premium subscription which will give them priority access to slot machines and early access to the most popular games.

In order to speed up the blockchain integration process, ESPN Global announced in a press release that it appealed to ” Cryptopay “. This company, specializing in financial services, is part global figures in terms of payment with cryptocurrencies.

ESPN’s groundbreaking foray into the world of online gambling and cryptocurrency can be attributed to the huge profits generated in these different industries. About that, Chris Parker, one of the directors of ESPN Global states that ” esports and online games are a $ 140 billion global industry driven primarily by digital microtransaction economies “. The latter can therefore benefit the integrity and resilience of blockchain technology.


Logo of Global ESPN which now accepts payments in crypto and Bitcoin thanks to the blockchain

Satoshi’s Treasure, a game that generates cryptocurrency winnings

Satoshi’s Treasure is one of the games recently launched on ESPN’s blockchain gaming platform. This is an augmented reality game in which keys allow access to a wallet worth $ 1 million in Bitcoin (BTC).

Cinephiles will see it, a metaphor for the famous science fiction film, Ready Player One. This is explained by the fact that the players of Satoshi’s Treasure must, like those of Ready Player One, form teams and help each other to win the famous Grail.

According to Eric Meltzer, one of the co-creators of this blockchain-based game, the keys to the wallet are divided into 1000 shards. And, 400 fragments will have to be used to move the funds.

In order to allow players to benefit from a optimal gaming experience, ESPN Global provides for the launch of an initial exchange offer (IEO) for its own token based on ERC-20, Smart Gaming Token (SGT). Each player will receive these tokens as a gift. According to Chris Parker, the losses of money suffered by the players participating in the tournaments or battles that will take place on the platform will be covered by his company. ESPN also undertakes to credit the portfolios of players with SGT equivalent to their losses.


With this revolutionary innovation, cryptocurrencies and online games can now go hand in hand. If you still have doubts about this, now is the time to embark on the adventure, to dispel them. You tell me the news.

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