Cryptocurrency and Smart City, will Africa’s future be forged by Akon? (“Binance Off the Charts”) – Cryptocurrencies

It is often said of blockchain that it is a closed sector, where a few enthusiasts meet. A sector where everyone is wondering, when the sacrosanct adoption on a large scale will come. If a world famous singer begins to use it to improve the quality of life of human beings, what about? Will singer Akon with his Akoin project and his own futuristic city be the cornerstone? CZ the founder of the Binance exchange that we no longer feature, may think so. Anyway, CZ was the moderator of the panel”CZ & Akoin: Driving Crypto Adoption and Innovation in Rising Economies”During the Binance conference Off The Charts, who celebrated the 3 years of her baby.

Are you ready to discover an Akon more humanistic than ever, accompanied by Jon Karas his partner? Ready to discover a CZ more jovial and groupie than ever? Yes ? well here we go!


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