[NMW] Dorkas Koenen: ‘I believe in the value of face to face contact’

Nima Marketing Week takes place from 1 to 3 September in DeFabrique in Utrecht. Go here for more information and tickets. Dorkas Koenen speaks in the Copraloods on Tuesday 1 September at 1:30 PM.

What is the latest news at Rabobank?

That we for Individuals have launched a great digital mortgage advice service: Rabo Samen Online.

What marketing challenge does Rabobank currently face?

Let our character as a cooperative bank play a more prominent role in marketing activities in the coming years.

Nima Marketing Week takes place both live and online this year. What do you think of this setup?

I believe in the value of face to face at meetings like this, especially at a time when everything is digitizing rapidly. Given the circumstances, this set-up for Nima Marketing Week is of course fine.

Why are visitors wise to come to your talk?

If they want to hear a vision of how marketing can be positioned as an integrated business function, with an impact on all aspects of the commercial portfolio of an organization such as Rabobank.

What other talk would you like to recommend and why?

From Caroline van Turennout. It is very clever how she really made a striking retail brand of Zeeman with relatively few resources. The latter makes it special.

How long do you linger on the drink afterwards?

That depends on the company …

Photo by Zuiverbeeld.

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