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While waiting for the release of IOTA 2.0, we will settle for a 1.5: we will have already come halfway. IOTA 1.5 will soon take its first step: the team obviously did not fail to unveil in preview on social networks, the novelties of this “half-step”.

We’re not moving from an IOTA, or rather IF!

The Foundation IOTA prepares the deployment of the first segment ofIOTA 1.5 named Chrysalis, for the week of August 17, 2020.

The features ofIOTA 1.5 which will be published, include among others, a new selection algorithm – theURTS – theautopeering, and the approach White Flag for the calculation of balances.

A tweet posted on August 10, 2020 by the team atIOTA indicated that Chrysalis provided significant improvements in performance, functionality and reliability: the network would support up to 1000 transactions per second, with a confirmation time of 10 seconds.

IOTA and its buzzing bees (good or bad)

The foundation IOTA had unveiled the software node Hornet, in June 2020: a stress test carried out by the community demonstrated the stability of the network with 150 participating nodes and more than 650 confirmed transactions per second.

Tests have also shown that Hornet consumed 10 times less in terms of storage than its predecessor.

The launch of the second phase of Chrysalis should take place in the second half of 2020 and, introduce additional features such as UTXO, the binary transactions and the reusable addresses.

With these 2 components, the community IOTA prepares for the removal of the coordinator node from the network.

Despite the efforts ofIOTA, the project has been criticized several times for the security weaknesses of its architecture: a failure recently observed in the Trinity wallet had led to an interruption of the coordinator node for a month.

The co-founder ofIOTA, David Sonstebo, then announced his intention to compensate the victims with his personal funds.


Will the honey produced by the IOTA beehive make victims forget the bitter experience they had with the security breaches at Trinity? Or do users of the new version just risk even more painful bites? The judges will reveal their score, after having tested IOTA 1.5 sufficiently: let’s hope that this new version will be able to satisfy them entirely, and not only half. Half a step for IOTA, a big step towards IOTA 2.0!


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