Facebook boss Zuckerberg is now in the top 3 of the super-rich

With the introduction of a new Instagram function, Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg is catching up on the stock market: a rise in the share makes his tills ring and catapults him into third place of the richest people in the world.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has risen to the front row of the three richest people in the world, according to a media report. As reported by the American business magazine “Bloomberg”, Zuckerberg has risen to number three of the world’s multi-billionaires. In front of him are only Amazon founder Jeff Bezos in first place and Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, in second place.

The jump into the top 3 is related to a new function on Instagram. Instagram, which belongs to Facebook, now offers the “Reels” function similar to the Chinese service TikTok. Investors received that positively, the value of Facebook on the stock exchange jumped up to ten percent, reports “Bild”.

The Facebook founder is profiting from this boom, and his fortune has already grown by 23.3 billion dollars this year. Gates and Bezos also went up again, according to Bloomberg. The Microsoft founder recorded an increase of 7.5 billion dollars, Bezos even of an unimaginable 72 billion.


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