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After having proven themselves as a means of payment for online transactions, cryptocurrencies are now moving to a more practical stage. Initiatives for the issuance of debit cards compatible with cryptocurrencies began to multiply on the side of the exchanges. It is in this context that Tauros and Dash teamed up to launch the all first crypto debit card in Latin America. It was agreed that this would be available initially in Mexico before expanding to neighboring countries.

Drive adoption of Dash in the region

With this card, Mexicans will have the ability to shop in millions of partner stores across the country. To do this, it will suffice for them convert funds Dash available to them in pesos via the Tauros mobile application. The card can also be used to carry out all kinds of online transactions supporting cryptocurrency. Ernesto Contrerasthe business development manager at Dash Core Group explained that this card which is the first of the type in the region was going there foster adoption of Dash.

Ernesto Contreras (right, because it’s not necessarily obvious)

“The Tauros card is a first in Mexico and the region, and it will also make it very easy to enter and exit the Tauros ecosystem, which is very important as it adds massive usability to Dash users in the world. country. The fact that we are making it possible for people to earn DashBack rewards with their card also goes boost the crypto ecosystem in Mexico, because now everyone can use their pesos through Dash » did he declare.

DASH launches crypto payment card in Mexico
Source: Twitter

A launch accelerated by the context of containment

The covid-19 pandemic has not only had negative effects as some are trying to prove by taking the example of the fall in prices in March. If the health crisis has limited contact between individuals and slowed down the economy, it has also increase demand for distance payments. Mr. Contreras explains that this recent need for contactless payment has promoted the offer of this type of product both in Latin America and elsewhere.

He was subsequently very confident in the success of this type of card saying that the current social distancing context would be the new normal after the pandemic. For Salvador Melendez, it’s the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem in Mexico that wants a way to directly use their assets in day-to-day transactions. The CEO of Tauros Exchange justifies this by their need to have more freedom of action in what he calls the New World.


More than the adoption of DASH, this collaboration will further develop the cryptocurrency ecosystem in the area which is particularly affected by the economic crisis. The next step should be to integrate other cryptocurrencies with this card or others in order to reach more people.

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