Gold Price Manipulation (XAU)

The values ​​of Bitcoin, gold and silver are on the rise, and JP Morgan’s lawsuits are likely to have something to do with it. Indeed, our friend Jamie Dimon’s bank has been manipulating the prices of gold and silver down for more than a decade and is likely getting small as the investigation progresses. A petition is now online to prevent JP Morgan from intervening in these markets.


A decade of manipulation

Many investors have bought gold and silver to protect themselves from the rampant inflation that generates the exponential increase in debt (and therefore the amount of money in circulation). But there are also many who have been robbed because of the dirty work of banks that do not want safe havens to shine.

Among these banks sits the sulphurous JP Morgan, a bank that had to pay more than 30 billion fines in recent years that the US Department of Justice has called “ criminal enterprise “. Things are likely to get tough for the bank, which several traders have admitted to the FBI to have manipulated systematic the gold and silver markets (declining).

Bankers do everything to make us lose interest in gold, the real historical currency. They use theastronomical market for financial derivativeés to control the spot market and keep prices as low as possible. The absence of tangible guarantees allows them to continue the debt ponzi and print dumpsters of counterfeit money that orchestrate a inflation very far from being offset by the increase in wages.


The petition

A petition has been posted online to prevent JP Morgan from trading in the precious metals market. You can go and sign it here. JP Morgan’s pans are such that an individual investor would already be in jail for such acts. Many aggrieved investors, especially in 2008, are asking for reparations.

Indeed, the value of silver had fallen from $ 21 to $ 8 in 2008, shortly after the fall of Lehman Brother when demand for silver was at its highest in decades and dealers reported a shortage of gray metal. Rebelote in 2020 as the price of silver plummeted from $ 17 an ounce to $ 12 in 10 days in March. He has since received the $ 30 …

The markets are far from reflecting the “collective wisdom”Of investors, the famous invisible hand. They are hunting grounds for banks acting in packs and, on this subject, let us not forget that the Deutsche Bank, HSBC and UBS have also bathed in this dirty business.


Let’s finish by saying that Bitcoin too is the victim of manipulation via financial derivative products “Futures” through the CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange) which offers absolutely no Bitcoin at the expiration of the contracts …


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