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Germany’s most popular beer brands

Beer drinkers have to be brave on vacation. Often, foreign beer brands cannot keep up with the German purity law. The passion for beer can also be seen in the economy in this country. Breweries are among the oldest companies in the country, are often family-owned many generations later and remain loyal to the company headquarters they bear in their name.

Despite advertising with a sense of home, some traditional brands are now backed by a multinational beverage giant. And Germans’ thirst for beer has suffered over the past few decades. The Federal Statistical Office has recorded a decline of around 20 percent in beer sales since 1993. In 2019, breweries and beer warehouses based in Germany had sales of 177.9 million liters less than in the previous year. That corresponded to a minus of 1.9 percent.

Germans love regional beer

In its Brand Index, Yougov examined which beer brands are most popular in this country. According to the information, around 30,000 representative online surveys with Germans aged 18 and over were evaluated. They took place between April 2019 and April 2020. Participants were asked which of 26 brands of beer they would buy.

In addition to the nationwide ranking list, the top beer types per federal state were also determined. This showed how regionally shaped the beer taste is. This may also be due to lower prices for locally brewed beer. But the preference for extra tart bottled beer in the north and wheat beer mugs in the south alone shows that beer is a little bit of an identity-forming factor.

These are the top beer brands in Germany


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