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At the House of Entrepreneurship, Tom Baumert knows how much an exit from the crisis can represent a favorable moment to launch a business. It remains to define your project and especially not to improvise a business manager.



At the House of Entrepreneurship, Tom Baumert knows how much an exit from the crisis can represent a favorable moment to launch a business. It remains to define your project and especially not to improvise a business manager.

“I believe that entrepreneurship is hope!” Tom Baumert hammers the formula all the more readily as some now see only gloomy prospects for national activity and the global economy. But the Entrepreneurship director of the Chamber of Commerce remains categorical: “Each crisis brings its share of opportunities in terms of business creation. And that of covid-19 is no exception to the rule ”. The moment can even be all the more favorable as the context makes the competition timid. “So with a good project, the right product or service and the courage to get started, we can find an environment favorable to entrepreneurship.”

And, to tell the truth, at the House of entrepreneurship (HOE in recent months, we have not only received calls or requests concerning the aid measures provided to companies already installed (12,500 calls nevertheless for the hotline since March). “I was surprised to see how much interest in creating its own structure had been revived”, notes the director. “Of course, the country still remains far from the spirit of initiative of the European countries of the North or the United States. But the figures nonetheless bear witness to growing success for entrepreneurship. This is becoming a much more tempting career choice than a decade ago. “

Ministry of the Economy 19-21, boulevard Royal. Lex Delles. Minister of Middle Classes. Presentation of the 2019 review of establishment authorizations issued by the General Directorate of the Middle Classes. Photo: Steve Eastwood

The Minister of Middle Classes, Lex Delles (DP) presented, this Thursday, the assessment of the business permit applications for 2019. For the first time, the duration of processing of files was mentioned. Responsiveness is an essential cog in economic competitiveness.

A connoisseur of difficulties, Tom Baumert never fails to calm the most lively enthusiasm. “Luxembourg relies on a large majority of opportunity entrepreneurship (81% of business creation), it is a much more secure path than necessity entrepreneurship. The one who is chosen when all other employment doors have generally closed. ”

While the most visible economic aid from the government has focused on aid to existing businesses affected by the Covid crisis (starting with the allocation of partial unemployment or funds for small structures), there are still envelopes and funds remaining. initiatives to support business creators. “We have seen, for example, how much, with confinement, digitization has taken on importance. Whether it is for the organization of work, e-commerce or marketing via social networks, it is certain that there are things to do in this area, ”says Tom Baumert.

Obviously, the goal of the House of entrepreneurship is obviously not to convince everyone to create a company in any sector. “Right now, for example, it would be hard in catering or events to try something,” he admits. But I believe that those who are currently launching have benefited from more time to reflect to mature their project. ” A positive effect of the lockdown in a way.

Staying positive even when it’s positive is a key to success

Thus, the files which arrive at the HOE are more mature. “That’s a good point. But the survival rate of a company is certainly linked to the economic context but also to the experience and the technicality of the person who carries it. Our job here is to show that entrepreneurship is a possible possibility. Only, you have to structure and challenge your idea before getting started ”.

It is therefore in the interest of turning to the House of entrepreneurship. It has in its kit all the tools to help and support not only future entrepreneurs in their creation but also to support businesses in their development. “For example, since mid-March via our financing department, we have validated 405 bond requests (for an amount of 15.7 million euros). Sum that comes in addition to other state aid. ”

Politik, Pressekonferenz mit Lex Delles und Frantz Fayot, Corona virus, Civid-19, foto: Chris Karaba / Luxemburger Wort

The Minister of the Economy, via the measures of the “Neisttart Lëtzebuerg” plan, does not wish to see companies in fear of moving forward and “remaining seated on their liquidity”.

Since April 20, the #ReAct program has been added to the support available. Already a hundred entrepreneurs have benefited from these workshops (conducted by video-conference) where consultants, lawyers, project managers and others intervene to consolidate or reorient the ambitions of the participants but also to offer a platform for exchanges where the entrepreneurs of tomorrow can talk to each other, support each other, see that they are not isolated.

At the beginning of July, Prime Minister Xavier Bettel announced the establishment of other actions to support business creation. Sign that the movement is underway and must continue in the eyes of the head of government. And Tom Baumert concludes, full of optimism: “Staying positive even when it’s positive is a key to success.”

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