BioNTech share: the pressure is growing slowly, be careful! – Chart analysis

The many good news from BioNTech are no longer effective – at least temporarily, the BioNTech share can no longer benefit from them. After two price rallies of up to 105 dollars each, the air seems to be gone, at least in the short term. In view of the ongoing final US clinical test series for the COVID-19 vaccine candidate BNT162, this condition will be temporary. Depending on how the vaccine completes the tests, massive price movements are to be expected in the NASDAQ-listed share of the Mainz-based biotech company. At the moment, however, the pressure on the price is predominant, with the focus on important technical chart support brands.

BioNTech’s share price ended trading on the NASDAQ yesterday at $ 77.08, down more than 5 percent and near the daily low ($ 76.58). Current indications for the European market are quoted for the BioNTech share at 66.11 / 66.29 euros.

Nothing has changed in the technical chart scenarios for the share certificate. The shaky situation of the biotech share remains, there is short-term uncertainty. A look at the BioNTech share chart also shows: The important support brands around the core area at 74.56 / 76.00 dollars have not been undercut or seriously tested – not even yesterday. On the contrary: the zone, the upper extremities of which extend to $ 76.80, has so far more than clearly passed the shallow tests.

From a chart point of view for the biotech share the previous conclusion remains: If there is a new chart technical sell signal in the core area at 74.56 / 76.00 dollars, the chart image of the BioNTech share would deteriorate significantly in the short term. That doesn’t change the fact that there are more support brands waiting below $ 71.38. On the upside, the range at $ 90.05 / 90.40 for BioNtech’s share price remains the first relevant obstacle brand, but it has not been at risk since Tuesday’s test. Up front is a small obstacle at $ 86.79 / $ 87.58. Strong resistance can be found at the top at 105 dollars at the latest, on the way there are various smaller chart-technical hurdles to be observed.

Important technical data on the BioNTech share:

Last share price: $ 77.08 (Exchange: NASDAQ – USA)
Bollinger Bands 20 (bottom / top): $ 70.34 / $ 97.21
EMA 20: $ 83.77
EMA 50: $ 70.70
EMA 200: $ 44.41
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At a glance – chart and news: BioNTech


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