Basler: “Growth drivers still fully intact”

Basler closed the first half of 2020 with an increase in sales from 81.7 million euros to 88.9 million euros and increased incoming orders from 84.2 million euros to 92.3 million euros. The group was also able to increase its results. On an EBITDA basis, Basler reports an increase in profits from EUR 13.7 million to EUR 19.8 million and, on balance, a doubling of profits to EUR 9.6 million. An improvement of 18.3 million euros to 1.8 million euros is reported for free cash flow.

“However, this very good development is put into perspective by the current global economic outlook as a result of the corona pandemic and declining incoming orders towards the end of the second quarter. Management assumes that the capital goods markets and the associated computer vision market will continue to be negatively affected by the corona pandemic in the coming quarters, ”said Basler on the outlook.

For 2020, the group expects sales between 155 million euros and 165 million euros. Before taxes, the profit margin should be between 8 percent and 10 percent. Long-term growth drivers are still fully intact, says Basler – areas such as automation, image processing in new application areas outside the factory and the networking of intelligent machines and products (Industry 4.0 or IOT) are named.

At a glance – chart and news: Basler


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