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A profitable crypto for all its investors: I would have given 2 seconds of attention at most if I had read such a post on Facebook. However, we are far from crypto scams on social networks; Chainlink (LINK) just spoiled those who believed in it, with 100% profitable LINK addresses.

Chainlink takes a few places!

The price of LINK recently hit a new ATH of 14.18 USD. Chainlink landing in 6th place in the Marketcap and behind Bitcoin Cash (BCH). LINK is one of the cryptocurrencies that benefited the most from the latest altcoin rally: its market capitalization has grown significantly, ahead of other cryptocurrencies like Binance Coin (BNB) and EOS.

Chainlink LINK ATH 100% profitable addresses

Some key indicators reveal the presence of bulls on the market for LINK, explaining the exceptional appreciation of its award.

The announcement of numerous strategic partnerships has certainly contributed to the exceptional performance of Chainlink : the most notable are the collaboration with Binance Smart Chain and the German conglomerate, Deutsche Telkom’s T-Systems.

Chainlink further announced the creation of a grant program to support the development of smart contract projects.

An unbalanced LINK between supply and demand

This rally is at the origin of a rather rare phenomenon on the LINK : indeed, according to data fromIntoTheBlock, 100% of addresses LINK would be profitable.

A simple metric indicator comparing the acquisition price of the asset and its current value, made it possible to determine this level of profitability.

In comparison, 90% of addresses Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) are currently profitable, compared to only 47% for Litecoin (LTC).

Analysts are wondering what factors explain such a situation. The co-founder ofIntoTheBlock, Alfredo Terrero, indicated that a very small proportion of users made margin purchases of the LINK, following this new ATH: there is currently an imbalance between supply and demand in the market.

Cryptocurrencies: a safe investment? The famous brains of Finance, at the helm of regulatory authorities playing the financial policeman would have hives on hearing such an assertion; they will look for “the trick” because it is simply impossible and who says crypto moreover, says scam.


Unless impossible is not crypto, just look at the marginal amount of transaction fees made by BTC Whales. Adam Back treated all altcoins as scams, but the reality is that Bitcoin is not untouchable and that some altcoins have the potential to dethrone it. Newbie crypto investors, the cryptosphere isn’t just about Bitcoin; we must also look elsewhere!

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