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We know it all about partnerships: Travala (AVA) recently established a partnership with Cardano (ADA). The giant sees its profits soar as the industry collapses due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Travala continues its development by increasing its portfolio of partners, hotels and of course, cryptocurrencies accepted by the platform, including Bitcoin.

Many partners in millions of hotels for Travala

The online travel reservation platform, Travala, continues to grow in the tourism sector by concluding new partnerships that allow it to expand its service offering.

The company, which benefits from the support of Binance, just announced a new partnership with Agoda, which belongs to the group Booking Holdings.

This collaboration will allow Travala to offer their services in nearly 600,000 hotels associated with Agoda : 2,200,000 hotels are now available via Travala, on more than 90,124 destinations, in 230 countries.

According to site data Owler, Agoda employ nearly 4,300 people around the world and generate annual revenue of $ 1 billion.

Travala whispers in the ears of crypto travelers

Travala announced the conclusion of a strategic partnership with in November 2019, a partnership that enabled the platform to record 33% growth in its turnover, while the price of its native token, AVA, had increased by 75%.

Expedia is one of the other partners of Travala which enabled the platform AVA, to add a considerable number of hotels to its listing. In May 2020, the company had merged with TravelByBit, another crypto-friendly company backed by Binance : this merger was followed by a migration of the Travala around the Binance chain. now accepts nearly 30 cryptocurrencies, among which Bitcoin (BTC), theEther (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) and Binance Coin (BNB).

Despite the current unfavorable economic context for the tourism and accommodation sector, Travala continues its development and aims to become one of the most important players in the sector.


Travala: the ideal travel partner for cryptophiles – if you think about it, this sentence contains all the keywords that sum up the article. The platform will certainly increase in the future, its hotel partners and its crypto partners. Multiple partners are fine, as long as you protect yourself enough: the domino effect caused by the fall of one partner can infect the financial health of even a giant like Travala.

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