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Is the US Federal Reserve (FED) involved in the current rise in Bitcoin (BTC), which is flirting with the $ 12,000 mark and reaching a new 9-month ATH? Failing to be able to come up with an adequate plan to value the US dollar, the leaders of the Fed seem to have concocted and implemented a plan to value Bitcoin.

Fed up with the FED, adopt a BTC?

The co-founder of Gemini, Tyler winklevoss, expressed his opinion on the continuation of the American economic recovery plan.

The FED is currently leading discussions to determine when a further injection of liquidity into the economy should take place.

According to Tyler winklevoss, the fiscal policy adopted by the US government creates favorable circumstances for a future rise in prices of the Bitcoin. He attached in his tweet of July 22, 2020, the link to the article revealing the plans of the FED.

TYler Winklevoss Fed Injection USD BTC Bitcoin Effects

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Since March 2020, the FED used this stimulus package to support the struggling US economy following measures taken to stem the spread of COVID-19: this $ 2 trillion plan has distributed essentially free money to citizens Americans, depending on their income level.

Provided that the printing press spins for a long time!

The maximum amount of Bitcoin in circulation will not exceed 21 million, a factor that protects the cryptocurrency against dilution in value, unlike the US dollar.

Winklevoss ironically in his tweet that when the printing press spins and artificially inflates the value of the stock market, it is time to turn to Bitcoin.

Tyler Winklevoss Printing Board USD Adoption Bitcoin BTC

Source : Image via Twitter

The founder of Morgan Creek Digital, Anthony Pompliano, agrees and recently explained in a YouTube video the need to diversify your asset portfolio.


Would the ruling Democrats be a game-changer for the dollar and Bitcoin? Not sure – and that’s good for the BTC – because the injection of liquidity seems to be a policy advocated by both elephants and donkeys. And to think that Satoshi Nakamoto alone was able to develop and implement a long-term valuation plan for BTC.


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